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  Maurico and Gunner Ostrgaard at Devon.

 Alix Coleman photo.

Maurico   Marlon Tamerlane   Persian Gulf
  Eastern Empress
Maralinni   Fairford
Zettine Fasching   Faehnrich
Laurine   Gaugraf


Maurico was purchased by Sporthorse Investors, Inc. in 1988. Maurico had been imported into this country from Germany as a two year old by Mr. F. Eugene Dixon to be developed as a dressage horse. He was trained and shown to Prix St. George by Brigit and Gunner Ostergaard for the Dixons. When it was determined that Maurico wasn't going to advance to Grand Prix dressage, he was sold.

His new owners didn't buy him for his dressage training and soon Maurico found himself in a whole new career. The Raymers were students of David Raposa and on David's recommendation they purchased Maurico for the strength of his pedigree and the known success of the Holsteiner M-Line. Maurico was soon showing Grand Prix - over fences! He was campaigned on the AGA circuit as "The Amassador." When the Raymer daughters went off to college, Maurico was offered for sale.

Cathy Tyler was a student of Sue Blinks while she was at The Ark in Harvard, Massachusetts. Cathy had been showing a variety of different horses in dressage and eventing with varying degrees of success. Sue said it was time for a real horse, something serious and smart. To make a long story short; Sue was in Florida, she knew Gunner, Maurico was for sale. Maurico came to live at Twin Pine Farm in May of 1988.

Maurico is now 27 years old. He has impeccable manners, breathtaking gaits, extraordinary charisma and the most generous heart. Since he has come to live at TPF, he has shown dressage at Fourth Level, gone to two USDF Instructors Seminars with Cathy, evented through preliminary, and when he was seventeen years old we started combined driving!

Maurico's 2004 breeding fee is $5,000.00. Significant discounts apply to the following mares: Premium Holsteiners, graded event mares, 4H and Pony club owned mares and mares previously bred to Maurico.

AHHA Registration Number 211302 1009 77
Breeder Hermann V. Drathen, Elmsford, Germany
Height 16.2 1/2h Heart Girth 79" Cannon bone 9"
Bonnits 7 6 7 7 7 6 6
Stem 1692

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