Lessons are available for adults and children age seven and older.  Lessons are taught by the owners of Twin Pine Farm, Cathy and Toby Tyler.  This assures you a vested interest in your progress or that of your child's.  We teach beginners both English and Western styles of riding.  As students progress we begin to concentrate on the discipline that best suits their interest and talents.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are required for all students beginning lessons.  Half hour private lessons are suggested for younger children or adults re-connecting with riding.  Often people prefer to remain in privates in order to target specific training goals.

One Hour Private


Half Hour Private

Own Horse $40 Own Horse $30
Lesson Horse $45 Lesson Horse $35

Semi-Private Lessons

A shared session for two individuals that prefer to ride together rather than in a group.  An ideal setting for a parent and a child, a husband and wife or two friends.

Semi-Private - All One Hour
Own Horses $30
Lesson Horses $35

Group Lessons

A natural learning environment similar to that of most educational experiences.  Groups contain three to five individuals all similar in skill level.  Age is a secondary factor in determining the appropriate group for you or your child.  Group lessons have a camaraderie that aids students in advancing their skills while enjoying their riding experience.

Group - All One Hour
Own Horse $20
Lesson Horse $25

Lesson Discounts

A prepay discount of 10% exists for those individuals who pay in advance on or before the very first of the month.  You may apply a discount to the total due for a full month of lessons.  For example: if there are four Saturdays in a given month and you participate in a group, then you may calculate 4 x $25.00 = $100.00, minus 10% ($10.00), and pay $90.00 for the month of lessons.  This discount only applies when the payment for the month is made prior to the first of the month.  If the lessons are not prepaid, the standard pricing automatically applies and payment is due at the time of the lesson, with no exceptions.

If you can not make it to a scheduled lesson you must let us know 24 hours in advance or the lesson fee will still be applied.