About Us

Catherine Wunderlich Tyler

Cathy was a horseless horse-loving city kid.  Then during her junior year in high school she wore her parents down and they consented to the purchase of “Celestial Messenger.”  Celeste was an experienced event horse that taught Cathy that horses are fragile creatures that require a delicate balance of love, knowledge and tenacity.  While Cathy went to Notre Dame to earn her Bachelors in History and Political Science, Celeste stayed home to have a baby.  Following graduation Cathy signed on with a Fortune 500 company, and started her Master’s in Business Administration at Bentley College.  Between working and attending graduate school part time, Cathy continued to event a variety of horses (Jim Beam, Buster Brown, Rocky Raccoon, Jesters Jig, and Belle Jette) through preliminary and show dressage through third level with Fiona and Jim Beam.  In 1988 Cathy organized Sporthorse Investors Limited Partnership and the company bought Maurico, an own son of Marlon, the Foundation sire of the Holsteiner Verband.  In 1989 after completing USDF Instructor certification and being ranked nationally in the top ten, Cathy turned her attention full time to the success of Twin Pine Farm.  Cathy’s current plans are to start a family and continue to provide Twin Pine Farm with its direction and vision. 

We're located in Pepperell, MA, close to Route 113.  You will find us at 34 Jewett Street.